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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 8, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this abc 7 news. good evening. hot enough everybody? >> perfect for the beach. this is our live look from the santa cruz beach cam. it shows people enjoying the cool ocean breeze from the edge of sparkling blue water. >> meanwhile, in oakland, people were soaking up the sun, walking, jogging, getting a healthy, summer sweat. driverings from frustrated. we'll show you what went wrong there, but first we have a look at how hot it got today.
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>> hot enough to make you sweat. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. feels really warm up here right now. you will notice fog near the coast. that's the place to go if you don't like the hot weather. temperatures are now nearing the peak for our inland arias, well over 100 degrees. 102 in concord. look at los gatos 104. 97 in santa rosa. 73 right now in san francisco. this is really unseasonably hot weather. a heat advisory remaining up for the entire bay area except for the coast until 8:00 tonight. try to find some shade and stay hydrated, because there is a risk of heat-related illness. clear skies from our sfo camera and we are expecting fog to remain at the coast. tomorrow morning we start off with the fog. temperatures will be mild in the afternoon.
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cooler weather, low 60s to low 90s, and even the possibility of an isolated shower or thunderstorm. more detailing on that coming up. larry, ama? kmultsers trying to get from the east bay to marin county are facing huge delays. >> two west bound lanes shut down this morning for emergency repairs after a section of pavement melted in the heat. a huge backup that stretched all the way into the east bay for hours. abc 7 news reporter land ma erer leanne melendez joins us. >> reporter: cal trans tells me due to delays the traffic jam would be extended if you will, till 5:00. now they're telling me a minute ago that it's moving again. the westbound bridge has
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reopened with no restrictions. still, it was six hours of traffic madness. the headaches of the bridge started at 9:30 this morning and lingered on throughout the day. >> this is terrible for midday. >> reporter: traffic was reduced to one lane while cal trans crews worked to repair the as fault which had weakened, making it unsafe to drive on. >> what we had is a combination of aftereffecting of the diesel spill, plus the sudden warming in the temperatures. that caused the asphalt to become loose. >> reporter: the spill occurred in mid may when a 18 wheeler was sideswiped. diesel acts as a solvent and begins to loosen up the asfalt if not properly cleaned. cal trans admits the cleanup didn't happen as quickly as it should have. >> it really is a matter of how quickly you can get out there and how soon you can start the
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process. >> reporter: today when cal trans discovered the problem they hoped to fix it at night sometime this week when traffic is lighter, but conditions became too dangerous. crews dug up the compromised section, creating a massive traffic jam. >> point reyes. we were going to get raw oysters like we did last year at this time. >> reporter: well, again, the bridge has reopened. and today's shutdown no doubt will have an impact on tonight's commute. abc 7 news. thank you leanne. >> later this summer the critical link between san francisco and oakland will close down for a couple weekends. abc 7 news reporter is live at the station in berkley with the details. >> reporter: and service through
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the transbay tube has only shut down a few times in its lifetime. one time because of a fire and an earthquake. this shutdown later this summer will be to replace rails that have been in service since that tube has been opened. back in 1974. for two weekending later this summer, traffic will come to a halt through the tube. transit around the bay area are starting to prepare. >> they've picked the least bad time. >> reporter: according to a bartz spokesperson, the details are not finalized, but there is a plan to establish a bus route. a spokesperson says they are figuring out thousand adjust service. labor day weekend and an additional weekend in august are the proposed dates for the shutdown. both are weekends with historically low commute traffic.
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but for some commuters, it will still be a challenge. >> just like the bridge closure. and when the san mateo bridge has been closed down two weekends recently, it's caused a lot of congestion. >> reporter: this is all part of an ongoing multi-million maintenance program. it is more than 40 years old, and they need to be replaced. the last time they did a tube stop was in 2013 during the transit worker's strike. >> i had to ride a bus took an hour and 30 minutes. the lines were long and it was ridiculous. >> it was a nightmare. a nightmare. totally. >> reporter: but there's plenty of early warning for the new shutdown. they will hold a press conference for alternative routing. >> i can't imagine what the bay bridge is going to look like. it's a nightmare when they shut
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down bart. you can download ways on apple's i store or dwoog the play. the warriors are in cleveland getting ready for game three of the nba finals. abc 7 news were at the airport. steph curry boarded the plane last. i hope he packed his jump shot with him. they had 19 points on five of 23 shooting. fellow splash brother klay thompson led. warrior fans not giving up yet. >> they didn't step up at all. maybe they were just taking a rest, i hope. but they'll win it. i know they will. >> last night was the first time ever that games one and two of the nba finals both went to overtime. the cavaliers matthew
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dellavedova hit two free throws late in the game and he was so clutched especially defending steph. final score 95-93 cavs. and abc 7 is the only place to catch the nba finals. ratings came out today, through the roof. abc's pregame coverage beginning at 5:30 with nba count down followed by the tip off at 6:00. here's a closer look at the game day schedule. a half hour edition of news at 4:00 followed by world news tonls at 4:30. at 5:00 we're live with the toyota pregame show. and beginning at 5:30 abc 7 is the only place you can see the warriors with game three. then we'll have post game interviews. at 10:00, jimmy kimmel live, and then an hour-long edition of abc 7 news begins at 10:30. with the warriors in cleveland, we are right there with them.
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you can catch live reporting all week long from mike shumann and your best coverage starts tomorrow right here as the only place to seat finals, abc 7 it's been a big day for apple fans in san francisco. >> the cupertino company introduced apple music. it will cost $10 a month and feature streaming and a rod yoe station called beats one. siri can also be your personalized deejay. >> play the top ten songs in alternative. ♪ ♪ >> play the top song from may of 1982. ♪ ♪ >> both really good songs. >> i haven't heard joan jett in
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a really long time. never mind, the lyrics of songs. but tim cook made many more announcements. we talked exclusively with him. and we'll have much more coming up at 4:30. there was a challenge issued at the g-7 summit. president obama told other leaders it's time to stand up to russian aggression. karen travers in washington with the details. >> reporter: the ongoing conflict in the ukraine was at the top of the agenda at the g-7 summit in germany, and today a stern warning from president obama to russian president vladimir putin. >> he continues to wreck his country's economy and continues russia's isolation in pursuit of a wrong-headed desire to recreate the glories of the soviet empire or does he recognize that russia's greatness does not depend on violating the territorial sovereignty and integrity of other countries.
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>> reporter: this is the second timele the group of leaders has met without inviting russia. further measures may be necessary. on isis president obama said despite what he calls significant progress, the militant group has made gains. >> they're nimble. and they're aggressive and tune opportunistic. >> reporter: for now -- >> when a finalized plan is presented to me by the pentagon then i will share it with the american people. i, we don't yet have a complete strategy. >> reporter: and in soccer-crazy europe, president obama reacted to the corruption charges brought by the u.s. justice department against top officials from fifa. the president said while soccer is just a game, it's also a massive business and fans expect it to operate with integrity.
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karen travers, abc news, washington new video shows a man stealing a package off someone's porch. police on the peninsula reveal why this is a growing problem this time of year. an intense man hunt for two convicted killers who escaped from this prison. i'm marcy coni gonzalez with police who say they may have had help. and the decision that is good news for anybody trying to fight a traffic ticket. michael finney is taking your questions on
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three people in san jose woke up to the smell of smoke this morning. their home in the almaden neighborhood caught fire just after 6:00. they were able to get out safely with their pet. crews called for a second alarm to keep it from spreading any further. >> actually made a difference. we were able to get companies around it and prevent any damage to the exposures. >> crews say the warm weather made the fire tougher to put out. the cause is still under investigation. four years after a fire took the lives of two san francisco firefighters, the department is still trying to make sure that a tragedy like this doesn't ever happen again. abc news was at the san francisco training facility as department supervisors reviewed every minute that led up to that deadly incident.
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lieutenant perez became trapped inside a burning home. they point to a window breaking reigniting the fire. >> when that window breaks, that heat and fuel is looking for a path taking it to an exit. and this situation tony got caught. >> an investigation blamed tactical problems. today's analysis called for better tranls for battling building fires located on hillsides. palo alto police used an undercover sting to arrest a man for stealing a package off a porch. home surveillance captured the theft. the victim shared the video with his neighbors. >> it's super common for people to go on vacation and forget to
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stop their mail or stop packaging from being delivered. >> they need to have a signature for delivery or have packages sent to a neighbor's house or workplace. prison workers are being questioned and outside contractors, trying to figure out who might have helped prisoners escape from the clinton facility three days ago. we're live now in dan. >> reporter: a man saw the convicts. he tried to talk to them, and they took off. if this is true it would mean that the inmates had a five-hour head start before anyone realized they're missing. and investigators say they have developed about 300 other leadersleader leadersleaders that they have been following up
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on. stopping every vehicle, searching every building. hundreds of officers racing to track down two convicted killers who escaped from this maximum security prison in upstate new york. >> they could be literally anywhere. >> reporter: david sweat and richard matt were last seen in their cells at 10:30 friday night. by 5:30 the next morning they were gone. leaving behind this taunting note. police say they used power tools to drill through steel pipes sawing over this manhole and surfacing on the street about a block away from the prison. investigators believe they may have had help from the inside. an initial brief telling news that an industrial supervisor was removed from her post and is being questioned. another source saying she is key to the investigation. >> this story has got multiple layers that we don't know about.
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>> reporter: the suspects are considered incredibly dangerous. matt locked up for life for beating a man to death and dismembering him. and sweat shooting a sheriff's deputy 22 times. >> it brought back all the memories and all the thoughts. >> reporter: there's a $100,000 reward leading for information for their capture. canada is about 20 miles from this prison. back to you. thank you so much. we're going to check on our weather. it was quite warm out today. >> triple digits. tell me it's going to be cooler tomorrow, please. >> it is going to be cooler tomorrow, larry and ama. you need a couple bottles of water right now, that's for sure. can you feel how warm it is in san francisco. and it is down right sizzling
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inland. i'll show you how hot it has gotten so far. we're watching a little fog near the coast and cumulus clouds to the north, surrounding the clear lake area. could be seeing more of those tomorrow, along with the possibility of a few showers or thunderstorms. check out the high so far. 106 degrees in antioch. 104 in livermore. 91 san jose. warm around the bay and the coast as well. 76, san francisco. oak land, 86 degrees, half moon bay, 42 degree difference between half moon bay and antioch. how much of a difference the fog can make. these are summer micro climates coming in early from our roof camera. here's a look at the forecast. cooling down the next few days with the slielt chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm for the next two days. why? there's an area of low pressure off the coast that's going to bring us the heat relief tomorrow. but it is also going to draw up moisture from what was once
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hurricane blanca. so you get the combination of the two. and here's what you're going to be left with. fog going into tomorrow's commute and the clouds start to roll in. it will be cooler. could see a pop up shower or thunderstorm tomorrow early afternoon. and then again tomorrow night around 11:00 in the south bay as you'll notice there. heading into wednesday, may see a few more develop along the lunch time hours. don't be surprised if you do see a thunderstorm developing as you're out and about. mild start tomorrow morning. fog will be around near the coast, mid-50s to mid-60s. you'll notice that the afternoon highs are lower than today. 84 in the south bay. hopefully it will feel better for you. on the peninsula. 78 redwood city. cloudy coast side 64 in pacifica. not much change on the coast there. 66 downtown san francisco. 62 in daley city. and upper 70s around santa rosa.
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pretty heavy cloud cover. 72 oak land 80 in fremont. 90 in antioch. a look at the acuweather seven-day forecast, we will do cool it down the next two days. game three for the warriors that's not going to be too cool. we're expecting mid-60s along the coast on friday. but we're not expecting a repeat of today's heat. so this was really the hottest of the next seven days. that's what we're looking a relief is coming. ama, larry? >> definitely. thank you. the women's world cup kicks off up next how team usa ranks against the international competition and the controversy around surrounding the tournament. and we take you to hollywood
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. the u.s. women's soccer team takes the field tonight. >> karen travers with more. >> reporter: the women's world cup is under way. tonight the u.s. women's national team takes the pitch against australia. ranked second in the world, team usa comes into the tournament as a favorite to win it all. and to say this squad is hungry is an understatement. >> we want to come out fast. we want to come out strong. and it's not going to be easy. >> reporter: in 2011, team usa gave up two leads before losing in a heartbreaker. they haven't won a world cup since 1999. a game that also went down to penalty kicks and ended with incredible moments. the heart and soul of this american team is abbey rom balk. playing in her fourlt world cup, she's the leading scorer, man or woman in international soccer history, 182 career goals. and it wouldn't be international soccer without controversy. unlike the men, the women will play on artificial turf. they say the ball bounces differently than on grass, and the rough surface can burn. and of course there's the recent corruption scandal with fifa. american players say they just want to focus on the game. >> we want to shbright light on fifa and our sport, women's soccer around the world. >> reporter: playing in canada gives team usa as close to home field as you can get. fans are expected to turn out in force trying to cheer the team to the title. news at 4:00 does continue. >> making sure that they're happy. because when they're happy then i'm happy. >> happy cows come from california.
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coming up, how farmers make sure that stays true during the drought. and a story for anybody trying to fight a traffic ticket. but first apple ceo tim cook sits down with abc 7 news reporter
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here are the headlines where you live at 4:30. two lanes on westbound 580 between main street and st. francis are back open after emergency repairs. the agency says that our scorching heat today combined with a recent fuel spill melted the pavement. a heat advisory remains in effect for all areas except the coast until 8:00 tonight. we're in the triple digits, inland. we will vaet we'll have the full forecast in about ten minutes. oracle attention got national attention for how loud the noise gets. they say it's chain-saw decibel level. apple was busy. exciting developers about upgrades to its technology.
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ceo tim cook took to the stage to fire up more than 5,000 people. now the crowd is mostly men. and cook is trying to change that. he sat down exclusively with abc 7 news reporter david louie to discuss why that is such an important for him. and david joins us live in silicon valley from apple hid quarters in cupertino. congrats on getting him to sit down. he doesn't sit down with just anybody. >> reporter: he doesn't do that very often at all. so we fortunate. he speaks with sincerity. he speaks with definite passion. and he's also very much concerned with correcting the imbalance between men and women in the technology field and to bring in people of other backgrounds. and he's putting tens of millions of dollars behind those words. it's easy to put the rock star label on tim cook. he was mobbed when he made a surprise visit to a gathering of students and young developers. everyone wanted to take a selfie with him.
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but there's another side to cook. he's deeply committed to transform his workforce of nearly 100,000 to be more inclusive. >> they may be different in religion or ethnic back ground or sexual orientation or whatever it might be. that the more people you get thinking about something that comes at things from a different point of view you wind up with a much better product that way. >> reporter: apple will spend $50 million over the next several years to turn that into reality. he spent the afternoon with those still in high school. women are still a major focus of the initiative. this girl is 12 and she has already created several apps, including this chess game. >> it's not just typing words into a computer. it's, like really putting a lot of creativity in it. and it's a good way to express yourself. >> reporter: while many say guys outnumber young women in computer classes she is
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convinced she can be a developer too. >> it's not about guys doing it. i'm like, no i can do it too. >> reporter: tim cook believes in this mission. he engaged with them and encouraged them. he said they're examples of what can and hopefully will be. >> i think the more that we showcase those, the more it will flip a switch in people's minds that i can do that too. >> reporter: david louie, abc 7 news. california court officials have approved a new rule that will change the way you fight a traffic ticket. the state judicial council approved unanimously to approve a new policy that lets drivers fight a ticket without paying the fine first. while many counties like san francisco usually do not require a payment, some do including marin county.
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nearly 40 members have been removed from a penn state fra teernity for their role in creating a facebook page with nude women. 38 members violated the fraternity's values. some engaged in sexual harassment and hazing. the actions do not affect the students' status in the school. the school won't recognize the fra tefrnity until 2018 a dallas officer is suspended after being seen pushing a girl down. >> reporter: these are the actions that led to the suspension of the officer in mckinnie, texas. this shows him using profanity and throwing a 15-year-old girl to the ground. >> he told me to keep walking, and i kept walking. and i'm guessing he thought we were saying rude stuff to him. he grabbed me, and he like twisted my arm on the back like
4:35 pm
that. and he shoved me in the grass. and he started pulling the back of my braids. >> reporter: another young girl, taught yawna rhodes hosted the pul party. >> he was just aggressive for no reason at all. it was horrible. >> reporter: despite the video evidence of the officer's actions, one eyewitness had a different take. >> i think he did what he thought he had to do to calm the situation. >> reporter: today the head of a civil rights group called for justice. >> we ask that he be fired and be charged. >> i am committed to a complete and thorough investigation. >> reporter: meanwhile that civil rights group has organized a protest this evening at one of the local elementary schools in mckinnie. coming up the cleanup under
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way in a mix condition resort after it getting battered by a tropical storm. ask finney is just ahead. search for my name. i'm answer your questions later. cooking inland. too hot for you? head to the coast where it's quite comfortable, in the
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cleanup is happening now on the baja peninsula in mexico after tropical storm blanca rolled through this morning. the storm was a category four hurricane, but winds calmed to 40 miles per hour when it came onshore. workers say the damage isn't as bad as many expected. >> our word here, blistering. sandhya patel in. spencer knows. he's not here today. >> he chooses the best days to be off. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd and we'll take a look at what's ahead watching developments up to the north. cumulus clouds along the coast. and here's a look at our high so far. we have our summer spread. 64 the high so far downtown san francisco. 76. oakland, 86 degrees, but steamy at walnut creek, 101.
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and you head to antioch, and it's over a 40-degree spread, 106 degrees. if you're doing traveling thunderstorms expected in new orleans. same thing for boston, 72 degrees. there is a possibility of showers from los angeles to las vegas. 92 vegas, 77 degrees in tahoe. and here in the bay area, we're going to cool it down some tomorrow. temperatures 60s coast side. low 90s inland. we'll talk about the possibility of showers and thunderstorms and how long the cool down might last in the acuweather seven-day forecast coming up at 5:00. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head? >> oh, yeah. well coming up, we're going to take you live to the red carpet premiere for the newest movie "inside-out."
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>> i look in the mirror and wonder that. beyonce tells us why she's crazy in love with her new diet. can a collection agency legally target you for your
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there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today.
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well, right now in hollywood, the red carpet premiere is bet to get under way for "inside-out." >> the movie is set in the mind of a small girl where five emotions lead her through life. >> our reporter with knbc joichb bchlt krchlt joichbs us from hollywood. >> reporter: it's all about sadness, joy, disgust, fear and anger. amy poehler has the cast. >> joy, yes joy you'll be in charge with the console keeping riley happy all day long. and may i add i love your dress. >> reporter: amy poehler brings pure joy to her new role in "inside-out." the film ichbt deuces us to all the little voices in our heads. our emotions.
4:45 pm
they always try to give a certain something for a character that's animated and a real person. what is most like you there physically do you think? >> i don't know if i have the perspective to know if anything looking like me. >> reporter: big blue eyes? >> maybe that's a familiar stance. the character is kind of like a combination of like, tinkerbell peter pan, anna mae jungle book. she's wearing a '50s sitcom housedress. there's a lot going on. you can't focus on what's going wrong. there's always a way to turn around. i was excited to be part of it. because this message that i love, the idea that no feeling is final, and, you know, it's okay to be sad and joy and sadness are like they're close to each other. and also that moment in an young girl's life right before puberty really ruins it all where they
4:46 pm
can believe they can do and be anything. >> reporter: take me into the future. you've got the big family adventure, there's something a little edge eon theey on the way. >> yes we have r-rated coming. tina fey and i will be promoting "sisters" in a few months and that is the opposite. >> reporter: how great that you can do both. >> oh, yeah. i'm the luckiest girl in the world. >> reporter: we also hear the voice talents of bill hader and mindy kaling. and there's a pre-party for the kids and families, so they get food, fun games. they'll be all ready once the screening begins at the el captain theater. >> looks like a fun party. >> it certainly does. beyonce is crazy in love with her new diet. and wants you to try it too.
4:47 pm
the diet program focuses on going fully vegan in three weeks. the major rules, choose planting over be proover processed. drink plenty of water. >> i am not naturally the thinnest woman. i have curves. i'm proud of my curves and i have struggled since a young age with diet. and finding something that actually works, actually keeps keeps the weight off has been difficult for me. >> beyonce is such a fan of her new diet she's partnering with her trainer to start a vegan meal delivery service. time for ask finney. michael finney answering questions sent in by facebook and e-mail. >> a collection company is calling me about a debt regarding my adult son who has
4:48 pm
his own life. >> they're breaking the law. they're allowed to call you one time. they're not supposed to tell you about his debt. they're supposed to just be looking for the guy. unless there's been a judgment. if there's been a judgment and they're trying to collect they're allowed to call you again for that. but generally they're not allowed to call you except for the person. so tell them, don't call me again, if you do i'm going to call the police and blah-blah blah. just tell them to knock it off. >> blah blah blah was effective. >> juan p asks, went to pay my citibank loan and was told i cannot pay with cash. >> it is not a government regulation. it is a rule that the bank uses. they're trying to keep money launderers from using the bank. anything over $10,000, any skp company, any bank if you have over $10,000 cash you're
4:49 pm
supposed to see your id. we want to know who you are. >> louis h e-mails, i went to see a doctor and they said they'll charge a 3% surcharge by paying my co-payment by credit card. isn't there a law against this? >> yeah, there is a law against this. some physicians may not realize it. they're a retail. they're selling a good or service. they don't have any extra rules or protections. only very few people can charge you that extra. a utility can, a government can, but almost no one else can charge you extra. just tell them no. they don't have to accept the credit card though. but they're not allowed to charge you more for using. it's time to celebrate the best fans in basketball during the nba finals. we'll share your photos and choose a fan of the day. good friends izabella and
4:50 pm
matthew. great action shot right there. we love how they're sporting their curry gear for venetia's rally day. thanks for submitting that photo. >> you can share yours using the #dubs on 7. trending now jimmy kimmel had some fun last night with a fact lebron james and steph curry were born at the same hospital in akron, ohio. >> you delivered two babies now playing each other in the nba finals. do you remember delivering them? >> yes, i do. >> and at that time when they emerged from the womb did you know they would be great basketball players? >> stephen curry's father played for the cavaliers so we always thought that was -- >> oh, right. >> the babies were born 39 months apart. james was born in september of '84.
4:51 pm
curry, march of '88. the california farm going green by turning to the sun. how it's helping them during the drought. thank you so much. coming up, a neighborhood in fear after an officer-involved shooting near a popular farmer's market. what the locals are saying. and a specially-trained dog making a difference for veterans.
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and here's tonight's prime time lineup tonight. at 8:00, two hours of the bachelorette. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. then it's jimmy kimmel live with actor paul dan no. a california student accepted to all ivy league schools. >> he will go to yale. he made the decision after making a visit to the campus. >> i can see myself for four years. i feel like i belong. >> yale normally costs $64,000 a year, but scholarships and financial aid means he will only pay $6,000. he is thinking about a career as a lawyer or in international affairs. he plans to have a much-deserved low-key summer before starting school in august. congratulations.
4:56 pm
>> smart. you know the slogan happy cows come from california. well, the drought is making it harder for farmers to make that a reality. >> one central valley farm is turning to the sun as a solution for the shortage of water. >> reporter: the challenge is to keep 2500 cows comfortable in the valley heat. sprinklers and fans ensure the cows stay productive. >> that's really what the end-goal is, making sure they're happy. when they're happy, i'm happy. >> reporter: power bills can run $110,000 a month. so he sought more bang for his energy buck. of posts were pounded into the ground to build a 1-megawatt solar farm. it will produce enough energy to power 500 homes. >> our idea, let's make ourselves self-sustainable. >> reporter: the cow-com solar
4:57 pm
system will involve tracking technology. >> it will track the sun east to west. >> reporter: he left the dairy to attend cal poly. he came back with a different perspective on how to keep the family business going. >> you've got the fans coming on at about 80 degrees. >> reporter: water sprayed to cool the cows is reused to irrigate the crops. ma manure is used as fertilizer. the family fallowed 60% of their land. >> part of my business that i know i'm going to get a return on. >> reporter: he figures the $2 million system will pay for itself in four and a half years. in handford, abc 7 news. >> brilliant. you have to do something. got to be resourceful. thank you for joining us.
4:58 pm
i'm ama daetz. i hear it's the hottest day this year. >> the heat is on. what people are doing to try to keep cool. >> triple digit heat inland. i'm sandhya patel. and a massive traffic jam. and another issue for commuters. the critical connection closing for bart riders. live from the kgo tv broadcast center. everybody is talking about the weather tadoday and the heat. >> a spike in the temperature made for a hot but beautiful summer day across the bay area. this is a live look at ocean beach in san francisco from our cam. >> and some kids kept cool by splashing in the fountains. >> in san mateo, it was a bus
4:59 pm
ease monday at the poplar creek golf course. >> and in oakland, joggers and bicyclists got their sweat on under the hot sun. >> abc 7 news meteorologist is going to tell you how hot it got. >> hot enough to where your clothes stick to you in most areas. clear inland, but there is a little bit of fog near the coast. and thanks to the fog we have a wide range of conditions. 64 in half moon bay, but you get out towards antioch, and it's 42242 dough degrees. 106. 76 in san francisco. heat advisory remains up until 8:00 tonight. this is the hottest day of the year so far, and because we've
5:00 pm
had such a cool may, the month of may, and even part of june you may not be used to this heat. so heat-related illnesses possible. you will want to grab water and stay in the shade. i'll let you know when you can expect cooler weather coming up. >> thank you so much. well the heat is catching a lot of folks off guard. we continue our team coverage in concord with ways people are trying to beat the heat. >> reporter: it's 102 degrees in concord right now. and the drought is not stopping anyone from finding ways to cool off. what better place than water world, california where there's 1 million-gallons of walter pumping through the entire park. one look at this water park and you would never know we're in a drought. walter world, california saying there's plenty of fun in the sun here while also being mindful of water conservation. >> we made huge strides to reduce


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